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End of the 50s, the then chief architect Werner Hebebrand Hamburg developed a concept for a city office. The ambitious project, optimal settlement conditions to provide the headquarters of major corporations in an attractive location close to the city, was at that time one of the largest and most demanding urban development projects in Europe.

50 years later the City North looks to an enormous change. Almost all companies have invested millions into upgrading their homes. Many new buildings emerged in the recent past, some are under construction and more are planned.

The original quality of the business location is rediscovered today. Was the mid-90s still the talk of vacancies, today rent-free space can hardly be found. Currently, the City Nord leads the Hamburg real estate market with an extremely low vacancy rate of 2.1%.

Since its creation time the City Nord is currently experiencing the highest construction activity and performs a conversion into the modern age.

About 30,000 employees appreciate the proximity to downtown, the airport, and last but not least to the city park.

The City Nord presents itself.

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Companies and Real Estate

Amundi kauft Allianz-Haus

Mit dem Kauf des Allianz-Hauses am Kapstadtring 2 erwirbt Amundi Real Estate nun sein zweites Objekt in der City Nord. Bereits im März 2016 hatte der französische Investor die neu erbaute Telekom-Zentrale in der direkten Nachbarschaft erworben. [Mehr]

Gym beneFit rents 3.000 qm

The gym beneFit rents around 3,000 m2 at Überseering 32-34. Landlord is ERGO Lebensversicherung AG. In September 2017, beneFit will open its new studio. [More]

Humanities Scientist move to Überseering

The city of Hamburg rents 20,000 square meters for the university in the office building at Überseering 35. In the next three to five years, the new rooms will be used by the humanities scientist, which are currently in the "Philosophy Tower". The move will take place on 1.8.2017. [More]


News and Events

Annual Report 2016

Our Annual Report 2016 is here! You can download the pdf here. Only in German.

Guided Tour at Vattenfall

In the footsteps of Arne Jacobsen. The Danish architect was considered a masterpiece of modern functionalism. You will gain insight from the canteen to boardroom. [Dates and registration]

Students build furniture for the new Holiday Inn

Grinding, banging, bending - industriously, students in Steilshoop bring wood and metal into shape. For them the 5th of December is a very special day. On this day, the Steilshoop production school announced a new collaboration with the Holiday Inn Hamburg in the City Nord. [More]


Dates 2016

May 19                     Historic & architectural walk City Nord, 17 pm

May 23 to 19            City Nord Sports - Sports and Health Week

June 18 / 19             Vintage-Mile City Nord - Show and Parts Market

June 25 / 26             Companies invite for an 'open day', art exhibition in City Nord Park

Monthly                    Guided architecture tour in the house of Vattenfall, 4 or 5 pm | register


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