Safe is safe

The City Nord security system

Fire, industrial espionage, sabotage, or everyday crime – City Nord companies are protected twice over against dangers which lurk every day. In addition to their own security concepts, they use a VdS certified alarm and service centre operated by Vattenfall. Vattenfall has already been organizing the security of power plants and other key infrastructure facilities in Hamburg for years. Companies benefit from the specialized knowledge. In City Nord, 16 companies are connected to the system:

Allianz, DEA, EDEKA, EVG, ERGO, HDI, Hewlett Packard, Hochtief, LOTTO Hamburg, Leonardo Hotel, Nordmetall, PWC, Senvion, Signal Iduna, Tchibo and Vattenfall Europe Hamburg itself.

The service includes monitoring of the hazard alert systems, managing of the building control systems, and the development of comprehensive security concepts in accordance with the companies’ requirements. Important safety and management related information comes together in the centre and is processed, reviewed, and constantly updated by specially trained and security-certified personnel.

What happens in an emergency? In case of exceptional events in a building of a City Nord company, the information is quickly distributed over the alarm and information system. The IT-supported alarm and service centre system sends the information to all participants at the same time via up to 60 phone lines. In this way, emergency task forces, standby, and rescue services can be mobilized very quickly. An overview of the persons who were reached can be viewed by the centre at any time. A phone conference call can also be arranged if necessary.