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City Nord Day-Care Centres

You can only give 100 percent at work if you know your children are well taken care of. For this reason, two day-care centres were started with the involvement of several City Nord companies, and a third is under development in the Allianz tower. The Hamburg family senator Detlef Scheele welcomes this development: “I am delighted that the planned Villa Luna day-care centre will be the third day-care centre in City Nord. This is another important project for improving the work-life balance and will contribute to maintaining the attractiveness of City Nord as a modern office location and enhancing its overall appeal. “ The advantages are clear: Working parents only have a short walk from their place of work to their children, and can even have breakfast or lunch with their offspring.

The first day-care centre was realized in 2006 through the exemplary cooperation of several companies and a youth welfare agency, in this case the Vereinigung Hamburger Kindertagesstätten in the City of Hamburg. The “Kita City Nord“ at Manilaweg 1 was ceremonially opened by the former major Ole von Beust on December 5, 2006. Ole von Beust: “I am impressed by this smart approach towards combining economic power with pedagogical experience and municipal support. This innovative community project should set a precedent. “ More information on the Kita City Nord is available here.

The second day-care centre was established in 2011 in the City Nord centre: Now the little ones have moved into the space formerly occupied by a drugstore, an Italian restaurant, and a bridal salon. The first children started cavorting in the “Kita am Stadtpark” at Mexikoring 25 in September 2011. On January 19, 2012, the Hamburg Pestalozzi Foundation officially opened their fifth day-care facility in the Hanseatic city. Guests from agencies, the outreach ministry, local companies, and of course interested parents and their children used this opportunity to get a closer look at the new day-care centre. Privy counsellor Jan Pörksen is thrilled by these developments: "Opening a day-care centre in City Nord is ideal: It is close to the city park and to the surrounding companies. These are excellent conditions for both the children and for working parents! “More information on the Kita am Stadtpark day-care centre is available here.

And now the third day-care centre in City Nord will follow at the end of 2012 in the Allianz Tower (Kapstadtring 2). In addition to the insurance company, a bilingual day-care centre will move into 700 square meters here – the Villa Luna GmbH with room for 70 children from City Nord company employees.



Summer Camp

Vacation! And now what? Many parents have the same problem during every summer vacation: What to do with my kids if I don’t also have vacation? Many sport holiday camps take place in City Nord during the spring, summer, and fall vacations. In the “fun & game camps” by the organizer kidz-playground, the focus is on the fun and enjoyment of exercise. More information available at

Kidz Playground Sprint Camp 2012 Flyer available for download as PDF.