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End of the 50s, the then chief architect Werner Hebebrand Hamburg developed a concept for a city office. The ambitious project, optimal settlement conditions to provide the headquarters of major corporations in an attractive location close to the city, was at that time one of the largest and most demanding urban development projects in Europe.

50 years later the City North looks to an enormous change. Almost all companies have invested millions into upgrading their homes. Many new buildings emerged in the recent past, some are under construction and more are planned.

The original quality of the business location is rediscovered today. Was the mid-90s still the talk of vacancies, today rent-free space can hardly be found. Currently, the City Nord leads the Hamburg real estate market with an extremely low vacancy rate of 2.1%.

Since its creation time the City Nord is currently experiencing the highest construction activity and performs a conversion into the modern age.

About 30,000 employees appreciate the proximity to downtown, the airport, and last but not least to the city park.

The City Nord presents itself.

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Companies and Real Estate

Postbank Headquarters to be Demolished

After 31 years, Postbank will leave its building at Überseering 26. The building, which was erected between 1982 and 1985 and expanded again in 1996, will be demolished in 2022 and replaced by a new building. [More]

Police continue to stock up

As of October 1st, 2018, the city rents an additional 2,500 sqm in the Überseering 35 office building for the police. The additional space is required due to the "recruitment offensive" that the police are currently operating in Hamburg. Already in April of this year, the city rented an additional 1,200 sqm for the police in the "Ü35".

New Building Planned in City Nord

© Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin

HANSAINVEST Real Assets GmbH is planning a new office building at Kapstadtring 5 with a gross floor area of at least 28,000 sqm. For the new building a highly constructive workshop procedure was carried out. The design of the Barkow Leibinger Society of Architects, Berlin / New York won the first place. The concept includes three house panes, which vary in height from 30 to 60 meters.[More]

New Building Project "Ipanema"

The dismantling of the former Oberpostdirektion on Überseering 30 has almost been completed. A website informs about the construction site and the new construction project Ipanema. [More]


News and Events

17th Stadtpark-Revival

25,000 motorsport fans celebrated the 17th City Park Revival in the City Nord on 8th and 9th of September. Report and impressions can be found here.

Closure of pedestrian bridge to S-Bahn from direction Rübenkamp

From 14 August 2018, access to the pedestrian bridge from Rübenkamp will be closed for about four weeks for the construction of barrier-free access to the S-Bahn Rübenkamp.
Coming from City Nord, pedestrians can reach the southern S-Bahn station entrance. However, it is not possible to continue from City Nord via the pedestrian bridge to Rübenkamp. Redirections are signposted. The S-Bahn station can be reached without restriction to the north via Hebebrandstraße. Map as pdf.

Historical & Architectural Tour

Discover the "office town at the park" on a two-hour historical and architectural tour. Get an insight of this monument protected ensemble. Tour only in German.
When: Sep 11th, 5 pm. Tour only in German. Apply here


Dates 2018

May 4th                     Historic & architectural walk City Nord, 5 pm | register

June 8th to 17th            Hamburgiade@City Nord Sports - Sports and Health Week

June 12th                     Historic & architectural walk City Nord, 6 pm | register

June 16th / 17th             Vintage-Mile City Nord - Show and Parts Market

June 25 / 26             Companies invite for an 'open day', art exhibition in City Nord Park

Sept 8th / 9th              Stadtpark-Revival - Vintage Show and Sport

Sept 11th                     Historic & architectural walk City Nord, 5 pm | register

Monthly                    Guided architecture tour in the house of Vattenfall, 4 or 5 pm | register