Initiative for City Nord

GIG City Nord GmbH

City planners rate the City Nord office ensemble as unique in Europe. However, its monostructure has always been criticised by the public. In the mid-1980s, when the work processes and thus the requirements for the buildings changed, some companies left the site. The office city was considered out of date, its future was questioned.

Against this background, in 2000 large companies in City Nord merged and founded City Nord GmbH. The aim was to strengthen City Nord as a promising real estate location with strong development potential.

Over the years, the work of GIG has made a major contribution to the fact that City Nord is experiencing a renaissance today. Almost all buildings in City Nord have been renovated, modernised and almost completely let. New buildings were built, others are being built. The office location City Nord is changing and is experiencing a new quality.

Since 16 October 2015, the company has been using the new company name GIG City Nord GmbH. Thus it adapts to changing events in the City Nord. Not all company buildings in the City Nord are - as originally - owner-managed. However, GIG sees itself as a representation of the interests of all companies based in the City Nord that support the work of the company. In this sense, GIG no longer includes the term landowner, but may be understood as a play on words with the English word gig (German: appearance).

The demands on our work do not change. As GIG City Nord GmbH, we continue to support the location and interests of companies in City Nord.


A lot has happened since the GIG was founded. One of its initiatives was the establishment of the "City Nord Day Care Centre" - a day care centre which was realised in 2006 and expanded in 2009. Today, three additional facilities are added to the range in the City Nord.

Culturally, GIG has planned a number of different events over the years. You can find an overview in our cultural archive.

The GIG regularly organises architectural tours for the public. The company sports festival "City Nord Sport", which the GIG has organised in cooperation with the association Betriebssportverband Hamburg e. V. since 2006, appeals to hundreds of employees and athletes from all over Germany. Since 2016, the sporting event has taken place under the umbrella of the "Hamburgiade".

Overall, the GIG is active in many areas and is the first point of contact for representatives of business, the authorities, politics and not least the public. In addition, there are cooperations with various universities and the Steilshoop production school.