City Park Revival Moves to City Nord

In 2017, for the first teime the 16th Hamburg City Park Revival took place in the City Nord. It was not an easy decision for the organiser media direct to leave the historic route in the city park. But there it was always quite narrow and there was not much room for the exhibitors.
With support of the GIG, the organiser dares to move to the office city. The attempt was successful! Drivers, exhibitors and visitors alike are extremely satisfied with the new event space. It offers far more space, an interesting route and new perspectives - also from above. The City Park Revival attracts more than 30,000 visitors every year.


© Norbert Gettschat
© Norbert Gettschat
© Norbert Gettschat

Art in Tunnel

For 50 years the underpass under the Jahnring has been a dreary passageway. Since 1966, the "Pedestrian Tunnel Jahnbrücke Westlich" has been the pedestrian connection between City Nord and the city park.
Here we wanted to install an artistically sustainable project with the aim, on the one hand, of promoting an art form that often struggles for acceptance and, on the other hand, of supporting a group of students who are learning to find their place in our society.
As a result, the 40 metre long tunnel has really taken on colour. The play of colours is a composition that receives a completely new component through a colourful play of light. The passage becomes an experience. The ceremonial inauguration took place on 1 July 2016.

The actors
The artist group wandgestalten.de, 14 graffiti sprayers, present an artistic work in the classical New York style - stylewriting under the direction of artist Philipp Kabbe. Elements from the City Nord and the Stadtpark are linked.
Pupils of the production school Steilshoop. A young group of painters under the direction of the painter and trainer Nicole Steinbach do the preliminary and follow-up work: cleaning, priming, sealing.
The Hamburg Verkehrsanlagen GmbH in cooperation with the Landesbetrieb Straßen, Brücken und Gewässer provides a new illumination of the tunnel, which makes the work of art shimmer with additional RGB technology. A novelty on Hamburg's streets.
The approvals were granted by the District Office Hamburg-Nord and the Regional Committee Nord.
GIG City Nord GmbH took over the organisation and financing in cooperation with Allianz Deutschland AG. The latter is the immediate neighbour and main sponsor of the tunnel.

Open House Day in City Nord

For the third time in history of City Nord, the companies opened their houses to the public. The occasion was a memorable event for City Nord: 50 years ago - on June 6th, 1966 - Claudius Peters AG was the first company to move to the City Nord. The building at Kapstadtring 1 is now a listed building and sets an example for modern architecture in the transition from the 1950s to the 1960s.

The motto "Architecture | Space | Company" was aimed at a broad topic. The programme for this open day was as varied as the companies and houses in the City Nord. At the same time the Kunstpassage Hamburg took place in the buildings and in the City Nord Park students presented themselves with the project EDEN.EDEN_GARTEN DER LÜSTE C. N.

If you want to look it up again, download the program brochure or click here for a flip catalogue.


Large-format room installations to marvel at, experience and walk on. 2 to 17 of July 2016 in City Nord Park

A cooperation with HafenCity University with the participation of the University of Music and Theater and the Erika Klütz School für Theatertanz und Tanzpädagogik
Management: Prof. Lothar Eckhardt (HCU)
Executive support: Tina Bremer, Timo Batschi
Choreography: Suse Tietjen, Jeanette Weck

EDEN.EDEN_ GARTEN DER LUSTE C.N.[LANDSCAPE OF DESIRE] seems to contradict the appearance of the office city City Nord. But it is precisely against this background that it is the attraction to create a sensual-concrete transformation and atmosphere. In the City Nord Park several artistic spatial installations were realized, which are to be understood as metaphorical statements or as symbolic acts on the relationship between nature, culture, ego and sociality. Fantasy world and real place formed an exciting contrast. "Garden of Desire" also refers to a picture of the same name by Hieronymus Bosch, which ironically depicts the yearning for paradise in surrealist scenes.
Students of the University of Music and Theater and the Erika Klütz School für theatrical dance und theatrical pedagogy staged the installations with extraordinary performances.


Music in Space and Time - A Sound Festival in the Working Worlds

For the first time, in cooperation with the University of Music and Theater and as part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer, we are organizing a concert series in company buildings in the City Nord.

The special: The music takes up the language of architecture, transforms elements of the working world, leads mentally into the time of planning and creates connections to the companies. An elaboration and presentation by students of the University for Music and Theater under the direction of Prof. Frank Böhme. In a term paper, students developed the musical concept, which they finally brought to performance.

To look up: Download the program booklet.


light_art_park 2.14

light_art_park 2.14 is a tribute to the city park, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. In 1959, the park made a major contribution to the decision to build City Nord in the immediate vicinity as an "office city at he park".

At the same time, City Nord celebrated two 50th anniversaries:
- 1964 the first foundation stone was laid in the east of City Nord
- 1964 the city of Hamburg announced the landscape architecture competition for the City Nord Park

Today the park is an acknowledged monument and presents itself throughout Germany as one of the last large parks of the 1970s. light_art_park 2.14 moved the City Nord and the little known City Nord Park into the centre of events. The student project "green_sleeves c.n." turned the park into a playground of art.

Our partners:
Lighting design: Andreas Boehlke Lichtdesign GmbH
Cooperation: HafenCity University, University of Music and Theatre, Erika Klütz School, Steilshoop Production School
Funding: The NORDMETALL Foundation made it possible for students to write their work on the festival of light.

1st Oldtimer Mile City Nord

On 21 and 22 of June 2014, the Oldtimer Mile in the City Nord took place for the first time. Since then, nostalgia has been celebrated annually at Überseering. Around 3,000 aging cars and motorcycles visit the Mile - classic cars to touch and also to ride along. Dealers offer a suitable setting with historical equipment and a large spare parts market.

Organizer: media direct - HH 13 Werbe- und Medienproduktionsgesellschaft mbH
with the support of GIG City Nord GmbH


Ralf Heuss (left), Harald Rösler - Head of District Office

Architectual Tour

For many years we have been providing information on the history and architecture of City Nord in guided tours. In addition to these tours, we invite you to take an individual tour.

In 2013, we installed a total of 18 high-quality information signs that provide an insight into the history and the houses at selected locations. They describe historical connections to the development of City Nord and architectural peculiarities of individual buildings. The tour was opened on 26 July 2013. Further signs will be added to this tour in 2018. More information here.


© fotokults

Festival of Lights City Nord

Thousands of visitors strolled the streets and were enchanted by the colourful City Nord. From August 30th to September 2nd in 2012, the first Festival of Lights immersed City Nord in a new atmosphere. In cooperation with business, science and schools, a unique lighting art project succeeded. Until the early morning hours, a variety of colour plays and art performances were shown.

Our partners:
Lighting design: Andreas Boehlke Lichtdesign GmbH
Student work: HafenCity University with two projects:
1) sur_facing. The three architecture students Leyla Gersbach, Katrin Kappes and Sarah Schwartz projected artistic lighting effects onto the facades of individual buildings. Management: Prof. L.E.O. Eckhardt
2) UCCN*UrbanCircusCityNorth. 53 architecture students from Groningen (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Hamburg created interventions on, on and under the bridges and invited the visitors on a fictitious journey.


A Look Behind the Facades

As part of "Hamburg's European Green Capital 2011", for the second time in history companies invited to an open day in the City Nord for the second time, opening for the first time areas of building technology. Participans: EDEKA, ERGO, Haus der Wirtschaft, NKL (today GKL), Deutsche Postbank, RWE Dea (today DEA), SIGNAL IDUNA, Tchibo and Vattenfall. "A look behind the facades" provided a view of the working environments and technical areas, both of which revealed the millions invested by companies and showed where innovative technologies for better energy efficiency are used.

The symposium "Climate Protection and Sustainability" organised in cooperation with ZEBAU GmbH invited experts to City Nord to discuss the topics of energy efficiency and sustainability on site.


Exhibition in city hall
Opening with Ole von Beust. © Norbert Gettschat

50th Anniversary of City Nord

In 1959, the City of Hamburg decides to build City Nord. In 2009, the companies in City Nord are taking this event as an opportunity to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the office city with a varied programme:

  •     June 22: Opening of the exhibition "50 Years City Nord" at Hamburg City Hall
  •     September 4 + 5: Opening of the celebrations in City Nord Park with Mayor Ole von Beust, patron of the series of events. Family party with stage programme
  •     September 9: Landscape architecture tour through City Nord Park followed by a panel discussion - Green and open spaces
  •     September 11-18: Student workshop
  •     September 12+13: Open Day: For the first time companies open their houses to the public. Present: EDEKA, Esso (today Allianz House), Hamburg-Mannheimer (today ERGO), RWE Dea (today DEA), former Shell House and Vattenfall
  •     September 14: Architecture Symposium "Office City of the Future"
  •     September 16: Conference of Engineers
  •     September 18: Visit to the Vattenfall network control centre
  •     September 18: Final Presentation Student Workshok

The programme.



With sculpture@CityNord, GIG is organizing an art project in the office city for the first time. It presents itself bright, conspicuous, oversized and irritating, but also small, restrained and hidden. As part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer, a wide variety of exhibits can be seen in the City Nord Park from 14 of May to 24 of September.
Hamburg's cultural authority classifies the project as "the most appealing contribution to the theme of art in public space" for the year 2006. The exhibition attracts attention nationwide.

Our partners:
Kuration: Rik Reinking
Organization: Galerie Peter Borchardt

More information http://www.sculpture-citynord.de/