< 1. Quartal: Größter Mietabschluss in City Nord
16.04.2018 09:18 Age: 123 days
By: Sylvia Soggia

1st Quarter: Largest Rental Contract in City Nord

House Vattenfall

Available office space is becoming increasingly scarce in Hamburg. The inventory analysis after the first quarter of 2018 shows that the vacancy rate has once again decreased throughout Hamburg. The rate is now only 4.2%. In City Nord it is still well below this value and is approaching the 1% mark.

Accordingly, office space turnover in Hamburg also fell by 34 % compared to the first quarter of the previous year and amounted to around 105,000 sqm.

The largest known rental agreement in the first quarter of 2018 in Hamburg was concluded in the City Nord. Signal Iduna rented an interim area of 10,000 sqm of office space at Haus Vattenfall am Überseering 12. The company needs space for its employees, who still work in the building at Kapstadtring 5. This building will be demolished in the near future for a new building project.

The City of Hamburg also concluded a further major lease agreement in the City Nord in the first quarter: In the Überseering 35 office building, it rented an additional 1,200 sqm for the police.