City Nord in numbers

Total size 117 ha
Net building ara 45 ha
Useable area 84 ha
Net building area of the central plot 6.6 ha
Floor area of the central plot 20 ha
City Nord Park 8 ha
Total park system 14 ha
Number of properties 23
Number of companies approx. 300
Number of employees approx. 30 000
Number of private parking spots 13 500
Rental price Average rent around: € 11 m²
Price ceiling at: 15 € m²
Vacancy 2.4 % of the area available on the market
Distance to the Fuhlsbüttel Airport 3 km
Distance to the city centre 6 km
Highway links A1, A7, A24 each 6 km
Connection to the public transportation system U1 station – Sengelmannstraße, Alsterdorf
S1 station - Rübenkamp
Various bus routes