Energy Efficient Building Management

“City Nord is an important location in Hamburg – and an excellent example of sustainable development of a quarter”, Jutta Blankau, senator for city planning and environment, describes the engagement of City Nord companies. The City Nord companies have been grappling with the topics of energy efficiency and sustainability for years. The companies have invested millions in their buildings over the past few years. This included comprehensive renovations and new construction. Innovative technologies for improved energy efficiency are used – solutions one can be proud of!

A practical example? Energy-saving LED lighting has been introduced in many companies, and intelligent building control systems manage the flow of energy centrally. As a result, only the actually required energy (such as warm water, heat, or air conditioning) is provided. Air conditioning technology in particular is a major cost and energy factor for the large company headquarters. For this reason the ERGO insurance company, for example, invested an amount in the double-digit millions to replace the HVAC system. The objective is to have the air supply controlled on a demand basis via several large systems, meaning that it is based on the occupancy or usage of the rooms. The results are very impressive: After construction work is completed, energy consumption will drop by at least 45 percent! The Hamburg Vattenfall Europe head office also uses drainage water to cool the kitchen area and as domestic water. Annual savings: 11 million litres of potable water.