Construction Projects and Project Plans

New Office Building at Kapstadtring

© Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin
© Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin

HANSAINVEST Real Assets GmbH is planning another new office building in the Hamburg City Nord. In 2016, the subsidiary of SIGNAL IDUNA completed the so-called "Ü8", an office building on Kapstadtring 7. Now the area at Kapstadtring 5 in the immediate vicinity is to be rebuilt.

For the new building a highly constructive workshop procedure was carried out. The design of the Barkow Leibinger Society of Architects, Berlin / New York won the first place. The concept includes three house panes, which vary in height from 30 to 60 meters. The façade is classically designed with ribbons and a division by slim, extruded aluminum extension profiles. The protruding main grid, however, is arranged differently on the three building slices, creating a subtle facade play that gives the building an elegant and prestigious appearance.

The aim of the architects is to create a simple, elegant house with a clear expression, which, however, takes back and harmoniously fits into the urban planning and architectural context of City Nord.

On the ground floor, a communicative area with conference and training rooms and a café with an outdoor area will be created. Overall, the building is to be realized with at least 28,000 square meters of gross floor space. A two-storey underground car park will be also provided.

The higher density of construction, which deviates from the guidelines of the Winterhude 7 development plan from 1986, which is still generally applicable for the City Nord, requires a new development plan for this area. The procedure had been started at the end of 2017.

At Kapstadtring 5 there is currently an existing building of the SIGNAL IDUNA from the year 1979. The outdated six-storey building with the octagonal grid is to be demolished later this year. The construction of the new office building is expected to begin in 2019. The completion will be in 2021.

The tenant for the new building will be the SIGNAL IDUNA. The approximately 700 employees who currently work at the site will also be accommodated here in the future. In the meantime, they find an interim workplace in the immediate vicinity in the Vattenfall house. The move is scheduled for the summer of 2018. The rental agreement for three years and with an area of ??around 10,000 square meters between SIGNAL IDUNA and Vattenfall is currently one of the largest contracts in Hamburg.

Project Planning 'Ü30 - Ipanema'

© KBNK Architekten / Bloom Images
© KBNK Architekten / Bloom Images
© KBNK Architekten / Bloom Images

For years, the question arises about the future of the former main post office at Überseering 30. The building is completely empty since the end of 2015. It can no longer be used due to outdated fire safety measures.Long the Benino Investments Limited & Co. (headquartered in Berlin) dealed with the new planning for the design of the site.

In summer 2015, the former owner praised  in collaboration with the district office Hamburg-Nord a two-stage design competition, involving the following participants:

- Tim Hupe Architects, Hamburg
- KBNK architects, Hamburg
- Carsten Lorzenzen, Copenhagen / Berlin
- KSP J. Engel Architekten, Braunschweig
- MVRDV, Rotterdam

The aim of the competition process was the development of a zoning plan for the area Überseering 30.

As winner emerged the Hamburg office KBNK architects. The draft provides an interesting mixed solution for residential and office, which is characterized by significant building and exciting visual relationships. Above ground will be created a total of approximately 66,000 m² gross floor area. 48,000 m² of it for housing, one third of it will be funded housing, and 18,000 m² of commercial space. The total investment will be approximately EUR 200 million.

"Here is a solitaire, which may be seen as an enrichment for the whole ensemble City Nord", said GIG-Managing Director Uwe Mohrmann.

Based on these planning at the time a project-related development plan process is carried out, which is to be finalized in mid 2017. The demolition of the former main post office is planned for the beginning of 2017. The building is not listed.

On 14 January 2016, the property Überseering 30 was sold. The buyer is a joint venture: Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung GmbH, Hamburg team project development company mbH and the Berlin Christmann Group.

My4walls - Open in May 2018

© ISARIA Wohnbau AG

Revitalising the building on Kapstadtring 1 was a challenging task for the Hamburg office Mevius Mörker Architekten. Built by the architects Peter Neve and Herbert Sprotte, it is an example of the light, filigree architecture of the time, which shows the typical transition of architecture from the 1950s to the 1960s. The architecture and appearance of the building, which has been a listed building since 2013, should be retained.

It was the first building in City Nord to be occupied by Claudius Peters AG on June 6th in 1966. The specialist for bulk material and process technology left City Nord in 1988 to relocate the administration directly to its production site in Buxtehude. At the same time, the Hamburg Regional Court moved into the office building. In 2000, the Hamburg Social Court was added. The courts used the building for ten years. They moved out at the end of 2012. Since then, the building has been empty.

In the meantime, the building changed hands. In spring 2014 ISARIA Wohnbau AG acquired the building with the idea of converting it into a residential building. But since the development plan for this project would have had to be changed in a lengthy procedure, the company thought around and hit the nerve of the times with the new idea of offering the companies in the City Nord a boarding house.

The company submitted the relevant building application in August 2015. The building permit for commercial housing has been available since May 2016. In the third quarter of 2016, the extensive construction work began, which will be carried out in close coordination with the Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments. The building was completely gutted and the windows were replaced. In its external view, however, the building can hardly be distinguished from its original view.

A total of 143 apartments with upscale furnishings have been built. The average room size is 30 m2 and the usable area is 8,500 m2.

The boarding house, which operates under the name my4walls, will open in May 2018. ISARIA concluded a management contract with Bierwirth & Kluth Hotelmanagement GmbH. The hotel company operates the new Holiday Inn vis à vis, which opened in the 4th quarter of 2017.

Recent New Buildings

The most recent new buildings in the City Nord have been constructed on the 23,000 sqm site of the former BP headquarters. The new building of the four-star Holiday Inn hotel and Deutsche Telekom's new headquarters give City Nord at the Jahnring entrance a new face. The demolition of the old BP headquarters lasted from autumn 2014 to January 2015, and the Deutsche Telekom office building was completed at the end of 2016, while the Holiday Inn opened in autumn 2017. TAS KG was responsible for the entire construction project.

Holiday Inn Hamburg - City Nord

With 19 storeys and 66 metres high, the ellipse at Kapstadtring 2 a towers above all buildings in City Nord. The building fascinates due to its height, form and the friendly bright facade, in which the windows in an unequal grid loosen the clear structure.

The four-star Holiday Inn was opened in October 2017 and is currently the largest new hotel building in Hamburg. The laying of the foundation stone was celebrated on August 26th in 2015. The construction period was three years in total. The site, which was previously undeveloped, once housed the parking spaces for BP employees.

With a total area of 17,200 square metres, the hotel has 297 comfortable and family-friendly rooms and suites ranging in size from 23 to 50 m2, twelve event rooms and a wellness area on the 18th floor with panoramic views.

The tenant and operator is the Wiesbaden-based company Bierwirth & Kluth Hotel Management GmbH, which already operates five four-star hotels in Germany, Austria and Italy. Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), the world's leading hotel company, is the hotel's franchisor.

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom's new headquarters has a classic comb structure with rounded corners that resemble the architecture of the 1970s. The office building designed by ksp Jürgen Engel Architekten offers a gross floor area of 36,000 sm on nine floors.

The topping-out ceremony was celebrated on 15 April 2016. In the summer of 2016, Deutsche Telekom moved in as sole tenant with around 2,150 employees. The client was TAS KG, which sold the building to Amundi before its completion.

In the course of the new building for Deutsche Telekom, TAS also revitalized the car park at Überseering 3. The building used to belong to BP and was placed under a preservation order together with the BP House in 2013. However, a demolition permit had already been obtained for the BP house.

New Office Building Ü8

© Hansainvest Real Assets

Between 2014 and 2016 a new office building - the so-called Ü8 - was built at Kapstadtring 7 by Hansainvest Real Assets, a subsidiary of the SIGNAL IDUNA Group.

The design by GRS Reimers Architekten (Elmshorn) shows an interesting floor plan that opens up in a warped eight with a total of seven storeys. Two 500 m² large courtyards bring light into the interior rooms. They also form places of relaxation as well as three 250 m² large gardens, which are located on the floors and optically open up the building over two floors.

The office space on the floors varies between 2,500 and 3,200 m². The total lettable area is 19,300 m², the gross floor area is around 22,900 m². 285 parking spaces are available in a two-storey underground garage.

KKP Architekten + Ingenieure was responsible for the implementation planning, equipment and site management.

Hansainvest invested between 53 and 55 million euros in the new building. The house is fully let to companies from the wind energy sector, among others.

The Ü8 closed a construction gap that had arisen in 2003. The 6,714 m² site had previously housed the former building of the Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft, an office complex with pure open-plan office use. Hansainvest acquired the land in a foreclosure sale at the end of 2003 and had the building demolished.